2 Of 35 Atlanta School Cheating Defendants Surrender


Bullock, a test coordinator at Usher/ Collier Heights Elementary, is said to have turned himself in to the authorities at around 6a.m local time today. Tameka Godson, formerly a Kennedy Middle School instructional coach, turned herself in at around 12.30a.m accompanied by her attorney. Jail records at the Fulton County jail show that Godson was booked for false statements and racketeering charges. The records also show that a $200 bond was set on Godson’s release pending trial. Raymond Lail, her attorney, said in an interview that Godson was not guilty of the charges.

Beverly Hall, a former Superintendent, was also named as part of the educators implicated in a standardized tests cheating conspiracy. The defendants were given a Tuesday deadline to turn themselves in to the authorities and others are yet to surrender on time. All the defendants face false statements, racketeering, witness influencing and theft by taking charges.


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