Florida Realty Office Shares Lotto Winnings With Co-worker Who Didn’t Contribute To Pool


Jeniffer Maldonado, their co-worker who did not contribute to the pool, had only been working with the company for 2 weeks when her co-workers decided to start a pool to play the lottery. Maldonado explained that at that time she had not yet received her pay check and when Laurie Finklestein Reader, the office team leader, began collecting each workers contribution she was unable to contribute to the pool.

Each of the office workers contributed $20 and now after tax they will each be left with about $83,333.33 as reported by the Miami Herald. Maldonado explained that she didn’t have the $20 to contribute towards the pool at that time and that she needed the $20 for something else versus putting it into the lotto. Reader had offered to loan her the money, but she declined. The office workers want to share the blessing of winning as well as the winnings with Maldonado, but it is unclear how much exactly she will receive from the winnings.


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