Jet Flying from Oklahoma Crashes in northern Indiana Neighborhood, at least 2 Dead



In a statement, spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, Roland Herwig said that the plane is Beechcraft Premier I twin-jet that flew from Tulsa, Oklahoma and after a mechanical failure crashed close to the South Bend Regional Airport.

Casualties have been confirmed at the crash scene by the County Coroner Michael O’Connell. The number of casualties is still unknown.

The crashed plane belonged to 7700 Enterprises of Montana LLC. The company is located in Helena, Montana. Wes Caves owns the company and runs business by the name of DigiCut Systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company paints overlay for automobiles and manufactures window film.

According to assistant Fire Chief John Corthier, the number of people taken to hospitals or having medical conditions is still unknown, but he confirmed that those who were injured were transported to the hospital.

Corthier further added that the existence of jet fuel inside the plane turned the crash really dangerous.

Latest developments suggest that at least 2 were killed in the crash.



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