Pregnant woman fired from San Diego Christian College files lawsuit


Teri James hired an attorney and is now suing San Diego Christian College. According to the woman a human resource director from the Christian College admitted that she was being fired four months ago for engaging in sex before getting married and not for being pregnant.

While the woman claims the SDCC decision changed her life to the worst, opinions around campus are mixed. Some people say that the woman should be given a second chance while others say that she deserved getting fired because of a general community covenant everyone must sign before getting hired.

Here it is stated that one should “abstain from sexually immoral behavior, including pre-marital sex, adultery, pornography and homosexuality.”

According to the woman her boyfriend, who later became her husband, was offered a position at the college even if the human resource personnel knew who he was and also knew about the relationship between him and Teri James.



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