FedEx mistakenly sent a marijuana package to a woman from Massachusetts


It was soon obvious that she got the wrong package and when the Maryangela Tobin realized what was inside the vacuum sealed plastic bag she immediately called the Police.

The drug dealer who did not receive his package called FedEx and persuaded the company to release the address of the woman who got his package. FedEx released her address and an hour after the woman got the package a man showed up at her door and asked her about a FedEx delivery.

Maryangela Tobin locked the doors immediately and told the drug dealer she doesn’t know anything about a FedEx package. Ever since, the woman is scared for her and her family safety. Tobin declared: “I feel like the safety of my daughters and myself was invaded and it makes things complicated. I walk into my house first every time, my kids don’t.”. The suit was filed back in February and is currently pending.

FedEx did not wish to comment on the current lawsuit.


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