Accused killer cop Christopher Dorner was once profiled as a remarkable good citizen


Without hesitation the two went to the Police and turned the money in(nearly $8000).

It was then found out that the money belonged to a church and after the money was returned his act appeared in an Oklahoma newspaper which described his remarkable act of citizenship.

Dorner explained his act as being “an integrity thing”. He then explained that since he didn’t work for the money he knew it wasn’t his to take. He later added: “I would hope someone would do that for me.”

Christopher Dorner, suspected of killing 3 people in Los Angeles, is still on the run from the Police. While he might not fit the media profile of a crazed murderer Dorner, the fired and disgruntled former LA police officer, has released a manifesto targeting LAPD officials and their own families which he posted on Facebook.

The LA Department announced it will reopen the case of Christopher Dorner.


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