Fight with classmates puts Pennsylvania boy in a coma


The boy’s parents explain that Baily was bullied and he did not have anything to do with the fight besides being hurt. Family O’Neil problems began after the boy was released from the hospital. That day Baily wasn’t himself. He felt dizzy and according to his parents the boy wasn’t quite right as he was sleeping and was angry a little bit.

After some days he was hospitalized again because of violent seizures. According to A.I. DuPont medics the boy’s seizures were so bad that he was put in a medically induced coma. More details about the boy’s current health state were not released because of privacy concerns.

After the school’s representatives were contacted to make a comment on what happened they declared that “Bullying is being taken seriously in the school” and that the school has turned the investigation over the responsible bully to the police. On the other hand the father of the boy who is now into a coma says that the person responsible for his son’s poor medical condition only got two days of suspension.



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