Child Held Hostage in Alabama Freed


Lee Dykes was described as a Vietnam veteran, anti-government and gun loving individual and the standoff lasted 6 days. According to police reports, the standoff came to an end on Monday at 3:12 am after FBI agents stormed the captor’s underground bunker where he was holding the boy.  Special agent Steve Richardson said that the negotiations had deteriorated and that Dykes was seeing holding his gun to the child.

This sparked fears that he might do something drastic and harm the boy prompting the FBI to storm the bunker and rescue the boy. The boy was identified as Ethan and he appears to be recovering well after the incident. According to Richardson, he is back to his normal self laughing, playing, joking and eating well. He adds that Ethan is doing everything that a 5 year old boy would love to do and this is a good sign considering his harrowing experience.


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