Train carying hazardous materials derailed in Bladen County, NC


Investigations are still on-going and authorities are trying to determine why the train which had only eighty miles left until it reached its final destination derailed in Bladenboro. Bladen County Emergency Services, CSX specialists and Bladen County Sheriff’s Department gathered all at the scene.

According to Bradley Kinlaw, the County’s Emergency Services Director, no one was reported as being injured but as a precaution people were advised to stay away from downtown. Officials stated that the derailed cars were not leaking. Late Saturday people were told that they can safely return to their homes or place of business.

After a quick investigation at the scene it was determined that three of the nine derailed tank cars were empty (but were still treated as potentially dangerous because those cars carried flammable liquid in the past), four tank cars were carrying hazardous materials and one tank car carried a fertilizer.  No information was released about the contents of the ninth tank car.


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