Judge Grants BP’s Settlement Offer


BP previously urged that the company would plead guilty over 11 felony charges including obstruction of the Congress, worker’s death along with two misdemeanors. BP will also face five year long probation and will be constantly monitored by two supervisors for 4 years to ensure proper safety measures and ethics.

After the plea contract being approved, BP will get 60 days to introduce a remedial course to the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ and the ‘Department of Justice’ describing how the company intends to fulfill all the stipulations. The plan then would be reviewed and will be sent back to BP proposing changes if necessary.

Back in April, 2010, an explosion in a BP rig located at the Gulf of Mexico ended up killing 11 workers and spilling oil measured more than 4.9 million barrels into the sea over a 87 days period, contaminating the whole south- eastern coast lines of U.S.



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