Man arrested in Texas for uploading threatening video to You Tube

Manuel Flores, 42, a man of El Paso, Texas, was arrested on Monday and charged with transmitting threatening communications after authorities said he made racist and threatening comments against black people and Black Lives Matter protesters.

He uploaded a video to YouTube with a title that included a racist slur followed by the words "Lives Matter." Inside the video he was said his "dream" is to "take out at least 200" black people. He had an AR-15 style rifle. He also promised to drive through Dallas and dare individuals who support Black Lives Matter to "stop him." The complaint stated that an investigation began Saturday following an online tip to the  FBI National Threat Operations Center regarding an alleged threat to shoot protesters in the Dallas area. Flores told FBI agents he had drank eight or nine IPA-style beers and didn't remember what he had said on the video. He also said has no intention of harming anyone but would defend himself if he had to. In the presence of the FBI agents, Flores logged onto his YouTube account and deleted the video.

Protesters in Dallas

He was arrested without incident. If convicted according charges, he faces up to five years in federal prison.