Thirteen year old found dead in park one day after being reported missing

According to Police the thirteen year old girl was reported missing this Thursday. She was found dead in a park from Fairfield, Northern California by someone who was just happening to pass by and saw her naked body from a distance a little before 7AM this Friday.

  • Written by Adam West
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Boy Taken Hostage During School Bus shooting

A 5 year old has being taken hostage after a school bus driver was fatally shot in Alabama. After killing the driver, the gunman took the boy with him and since then, he has holed up in his bunker. Police negotiators and armed officers have surrounded the bunker in Midland City and the suspect held his ground and did not intend to give in. The gun man is believed to be Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65 year old local driver.

  • Written by Bernadette
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Train carying hazardous materials derailed in Bladen County, NC

A CSX Corp freight train that was headed to Wilmington, North Carolina derailed Saturday afternoon in a rural community of Bladen County. Nine tank cars out of the total of 105 the train was carrying derailed. And because the train was transporting a hazardous ammonia product, four hundred employees and residents of Bladenboro were evacuated. This is close to a forth of Blandenboro's population.

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Judge Grants BP’s Settlement Offer

On Tuesday, a U.S court approved an agreement made by BP that includes the oil company pleading guilty of all 11 felony charges and pay penalties worth $4.0 billion regarding the Gulf oil spill, probably the nastiest oil spill accident in the history of U.S. BP has already spent $23 billion for cleaning up and compensations.

  • Written by Navid Iqbal
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