Surge in Oil Price in U.S.: Threat to a Slow Economy

In this summer, all on a sudden the price hike of gasoline in USA became a burning issue. The average price has now reached $3.67. The most viable reasons for this price hike are – high price of crude oil, oil refining problem and difficulties, problem in pipeline in the Midwest and West Coast as well as the fire in Chevron oil refinery.

  • Written by Navid Iqbal
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$84000 bill for a tank of gas


Gas prices are higher than ever. Imagine how a man from Tennessee felt when his monthly bill read that he overdrawn his debit card by $84.000. Ray Crockett explained to a reported from Nashville's News Channel 5 that he put $30 worth of gas in a local gas station.

  • Written by James Mahoney
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