Lawmaker issues apology after addressing a sexual comment to a teenage girl


Ernest Hewett, a Connecticut state representative, made an offensive comment to a minor. The 17 year old teenage girl testified and asked for more funding for the ambassador program offered by the Connecticut Science center.

According to the teenage girl, handling turtles and snakes (activities from the program) made her change and helped her become more outgoing.

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FedEx mistakenly sent a marijuana package to a woman from Massachusetts

According to a Plymouth mom FedEx has sent her a package containing drugs by mistake. Reportedly the package contained seven pounds of marijuana and was intended to be delivered to another location in the same town.

When the package arrived the woman thought it was the birthday present for her daughter. It contained the drugs in a sealed plastic bag and next to it peppermint, scented candles and pixie sticks.

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Pregnant woman fired from San Diego Christian College files lawsuit

Teri James was fired from Christian College in El Cajon after it was discovered that she was pregnant. The woman was not married at that time.

James who was hired as a financial aid specialist now claims that her contract termination was not because she was pregnant but because she had premarital sex.

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Wallet lost three years ago returned with all contents inside

Harold Walls, a trash collector from Milford, lost his leather wallet three years ago while he was working. When he noticed the wallet was missing he and his work partner quickly retraced their steps but the wallet was nowhere to be found.

Walls was really upset especially since he had $800 in the wallet. With that money he wanted to buy a TV.

  • Written by Adam West
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