Obama Acts On Letters From Children To Push Gun Ban

Following the Connecticut school shootings, President Barrack Obama received scores of letters from children urging him to address the issue on gun violence. President Obama will today announce measures he will take to address the issue as well as demand the enactment of firearms and ammunition control in Congress.

President Obama is expected to make this announcement, backed up by the children who wrote him the letters as well as Vice President Joseph Biden. President Obama’s mission to see the assault weapons ban passed may not be a sure thing, but he has long made it clear that he supported the renewal of the ban on assault weapons.

The President and Vice President have been holding a series of meetings alongside various stakeholders in the past month, to address the gun violence scourge. The ban will see to it that the dissemination of military-style semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines is contained. The package also includes 19 separate measures outlined by Vice President Biden touching on stricter gun control and gun-trafficking laws.

Several states are already acting on the ban, with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday signing a strict law banning the mentally ill from accessing assault weapons and ammunition.

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President Obama Proposes new gun regulations

Today U.S. President Barack Obama laid out a comprehensive package for bringing down the number of gun violence in America. The proposed package is all set to trigger the most comprehensive political battle over gun control in America’s history.

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Two whales wash up on East Hampton beaches

Two whales washed up along the ocean beach of New York's Long Island just few hours apart.

The first whale was 60 foot large and washed just east of Windward Shores on the Napeague Stretch Sunday morning. The whale was already dead when it reached the beach. Just hours away another whale ended up on a different part of the East Hampton beaches.

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