A young female zoo keeper was bitten by lions at Shoalhaven Zoo, Australia


A female zoo keeper, 35-year-old, was bitten on the head and neck region by two lions while cleaning the enclosure at Shoalhaven Zoo in North Nowra, Australia.

She was unconscious and was taken by ambulance to meet a helicopter and then flown to St George Hospital in a critical but stable condition. It was an incredibly dangerous situation, both for the patient and the paramedic who had to “walk into a lion’s den.” “This is one of the worst jobs I have ever experienced – I have never come across a job like this in my career,” inspector Faye Stockman said. “The attack was extremely vicious and paramedics found the woman with severe injuries,” she added.

South Coast Police District officers have established a crime scene and are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Safework NSW has been notified. Shoalhaven Zoo has been closed since March 25 due to COVID-19 restrictions. During normal operation, the zoo offers a lion feeding encounter with its “Roarsome Foursome” pride of white lions including “the King of the Savannah”. The zoo has been part of the Shoalhaven for almost 50 years.


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