Containers with face masks from China to Australia were lost in the sea


Forty shipping containers have been lost overboard off the NSW coast after a ship rolled during heavy seas while travelling from China to Melbourne, Australia. Most of them were carrying face masks.

The Singapore-flagged container ship APL England experienced a temporary loss of propulsion during heavy seas about 73km southeast of Sydney. “The ship’s power was restored within a few minutes but during this time the ship reported that it was rolling heavily, causing container stacks to collapse and several containers to fall overboard,” the statement of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said. Along with the lost containers 74 were damaged, another six were protruding from the ship’s starboard side and three were protruding from the port side.

One of the authority’s Challenger jet planes searched for containers and debris in the water but no sightings of them along the shoreline have been reported. An investigation is ongoing but „a preliminary report will be released in about one to two months after the initial evidence gathering phase is completed, while the investigation’s final report can be expected to be released in about 18 months’ time.” The APL England, under different management, previously lost 37 containers in the Great Australian Bight in August 2016.


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