Teenager, 19 old, died after falling from the fourth floor


Cian English, 19, a teenager from Hawthorne in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, died after falling from the fourth floor of the View Pacific resort in Surfers Paradise, Australia, just after 3am on Saturday.

A passer-by discovered Mr English’s lifeless body on the pavement before calling emergency services. “CPR was commenced on the individual and it was later called off. He could not be resuscitated and was deceased on scene,” Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Senior Operations Supervisor Neil Stead said. In the apartment the teenager had fallen from, were found seven teenagers in a “semiconscious state”, affected by prescription drugs, reportedly diazepam, or Valium. It was a drug-fueled party. Four of them, between 16 and 19, were taken to Robina Hospital, after paramedics were called to deal with drug overdoses in young people.

Queensland Police said earlier that morning around 2:20am two 16-year-old boys believed to be from the same group as the partygoers were arrested between View Avenue and the Esplanade for possession of prescription drugs. A police investigation has been launched. Several young people have fallen to their deaths from high-rise balconies in Surfers Paradise in recent years.


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