A hospital bed which can be transformed in coffin was created in Colombia

The Colombian – Bogota based company ABC Displays addressed the coronavirus pandemy creating a hospital bed from cardboard which can turn into a coffin if a COVID-19 patient dies.

This bed is biodegradable, can hold up to 150kg, costs about $US127 ($200) – so three times less than a normal one, and meets the requirements of comfort and functionality. "We developed it because of the situation caused by COVID-19 in the world because we realized that there was a lack of hospital beds," the company's manager, Rodolfo Gomez, declared to media. They can produce up to 300 beds a month.


The fact that the beds can be converted into coffins allows the deceased bodies to be handled without touching, reducing the chances of health personnel getting infected. The idea has also a strong practical motivation. At this time, in some countries, as Ecuador for an example, there are enaugh coffins to burry the deceased. As it was predictable from the beginning, the company has been subject to criticism on social media over making the hospital bed convertible into a coffin. The manufacturer stressed that the intention "is not to offend anyone" but to propose solutions to a real problem.