Historic heatwave ever recorded in Israel


This is an unprecedented time in Israel regarding weather conditions. It faces its longest and most extreme heatwave ever recorded.

Temperatures throughout the country, on Sunday, reached more than 40°C, with some regions seeing temperatures of more than 45°C. Israel continued to face an unprecedented and possibly historic heatwave on Monday. Temperatures soared across the country accompanied by unusually dry conditions. Temperatures are expected to reach abnormal heights ranging from 40 to 44°C on the coastal plain, lowlands and the northern Negev. In the Jordan Valley and the Arava, temperatures were expected to reach from 45 to no less than 49°C. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the extreme heat will continue. The high temperatures are expected to last six days.

According to meteorologists, such a prolonged heat is uncommon during spring months (April to mid-June). A man, 41 old, was declared dead after being found unconscious in a car amid a heat wave. Several are in serious condition. Schools reopened this week but many say mask requirement due to the pandemy in heat makes studies impossible. Several cities cancelled again school classes. The Health Ministry has issued a warning to the elderly and people with health conditions, instructing them to stay indoors. The Parks and Nature Authority has called on people to avoid going on hikes or visiting nature spots without shade for fear of people suffering heatstroke. On Saturday night, the Israel Defense Forces canceled all ground exercises through Tuesday, in light of the risks posed by the heat wave.


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