Shanghai Disneyland reopened on May 11 but special conditions apply


Shanghai Disneyland has reopened its doors to visitors but many things changed because the world is not the same.

At reopening, on May 11, the guests were at less than the recommended 30% capacity of 80,000. Instead, there are more custodial cleaners in the park. They are constantly wiping down all the surfaces. “We’ll be able to strike that right balance between the safety and health and confident side, and then the magic that we’re able to deliver every day,” said Andrew Bolstein, SVP of Operations for Shanghai Disney Resort.

New rules also apply: visitors to Shanghai Disneyland are now required to wear masks, have their temperatures taken and socially distance. Due to current travel restrictions, the visitors were primarily residents of Shanghai and the surrounding provinces. Guests must book timed entry tickets online to space out the crowds and must also show a green QR Shanghai health code, which is the government’s color-coded way of contact tracing to determine potential exposures. During the day there were frequent bilingual warnings Chinese and English – for guests to walk, not run. There were reminders to people to keep their face masks on at all times and to maintain a social distance. At present, Shanghai Disneyland is the only one of the company’s parks to reopen.


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