Bill Banning PDA By Gay Couples Passes First Reading in Russia


The bill does not only seek to ban PDA but what they term as ‘homosexual propaganda’ covering gay pride marches as well as gay-rights pamphlets and leaflets. Critics have cited the vagueness of the bill could mean that many gay couples will face the law for simply kissing or holding hands in public.

The bill has so far passed through the first reading with 388 votes and during this stage only one Russian MP is said to have voted against it. Lyudmila Alexeyeva, a veteran human rights activists, called the bill ‘mediaeval while Vladimir Zhirinovsky the opposition leader said that he favored a legislation being put into place but that the approach was wrong.

The gay activists who staged the kiss-in outside the Duma clashed with Russian Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox Christians alongside majority of President Putin’s supporters propagate for emphasis on conservative and traditional Russian values.


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