A man was arrested in Canada after he caughed on money at a store


On Monday, York Regional Police arrested Ryan Sanders, 39, of Markharm, north of Toronto, and charged him with mischief.

The man intentionally coughed on money, which he threw onto the counter when purchasing cigarettes, Sunday, at a convenience store at 6605 Hwy. 7 E. by Ninth Line. He also told clerk he hoped he would get COVID-19. Police say the customer became agitated after he was asked by the store employee to adhere to social distancing measures. The store had taped lines on the floor where customers were asked to stand during transactions, in accordance with public health recommendations during the pandemic. The cashier put the coins in a separate section of the register and called his boss, who reported the incident to police.

“At the moment, I was disgusted, astonished that there was this level of ridiculousness,” the worker declared. The money had to be separated and disinfected, police said. Sanders is scheduled to appear in a Newmarket court room on August 7. A social media hashtag has emerged, highlighting people who blatantly ignore public health warnings and endanger others, dubbing them #COVIDIOTS.


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