Twitter is removing misleadings tweets about coronavirus


Since March 18, Twitter has removed more than 1,100 misleading and potentially harmful tweets about coronavirus, also from high persons including the presidents of Brazil and Venezuela.

Notices that say the tweets are no longer available because they violate Twitter’s rules appear on Bolsonaro’s Twitter account. Twitter also removed a tweet from Rudy Giuliani, US President ’s personal attorney, for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Giuliani quoted conservative activist Charlie Kirk, who falsely claimed that “hydroxychloroquine has been shown to have a 100% effective rate treating COVID-19.”

Earlier this month, the social network expanded its definition of harm and required users to take down tweets that included a denial of global or local health authority recommendations to decrease a person’s likelihood of exposure to COVID-19. Under Twitter’s new guidance, the social network barred tweets that go against the recommendations of local and global health authorities or encourage the use of ineffective or harmful treatments. However nothing is perfect.Dozens of videos, photos and posts that include coronavirus information still pop up on social media. Twitter itself warned on Monday it might not be able to address every tweet that violates those new safety rules.


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