Mogo Wildlife Park, the largest private zoo in the nation, reopened in Australia


Mogo Wildlife Park reopened its doors this weekend in Australia, two months after a devastating fire forced it to shut.

The park came under threat when the Clyde Mountain fire tore through the nearby township of Mogo. Dozens of zookeepers and volunteers worked through danger to protect the zoo animals, including holding some in their homes. All the animals were saved at that time. A community event was on Saturday held at the zoo. Premier Gladys Berejiklian attended the zoo’s reopening. Free tickets were handed to local families impacted by the destructive fires, giving them the chance to welcome back the popular tourist attraction.

The staff of Mogo Wildlife Park

“To see the zoo now not only save its most precious animals, being the largest private zoo in the nation, it also preserved and represented the wonderful spirit of this community,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said at the event. Ms Berejiklian paid tribute to the efforts of zoo staff to protect the animals. “To be able to preserve all the animals without any losses is a wonderful sign of resilience and survival, and with the zoo reopening, the best days are ahead of it.” Since the bushfires the zoo welcomed a lion cub named “Phoenix”.


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