British woman arrested in Maldives for wearing bikini on a beach


A bikini-clad tourist has been arrested in the Maldives. The woman was detained by at least three officers on the island of Maafushi, in the Kaafu atoll.

The police received a complaint from a member of the public that a woman was “inappropriately clad” and “inebriated” while walking on the island’s main road. A Maldives police representative said the tourist told officers she was British but “refused” to show them her passport. The woman, Cecilia Jastrzembska, 26, was arrested and taken to the police station. Later, she was released without charge. Maldives Police Service Commissioner Mohamed Hameed issued a public apology to her. However, they said that „tourists on local islands are requested to respect the community’s cultural sensitivities and local regulations by restricting the wearing of swimwear to certain areas of the island where local communities live.”

The woman being handcuffed

In the popular tourist location Maafushi, being in an Islamic country. wearing bikinis is “strictly prohibited” and only accepted in holiday resorts. Nudism and topless sunbathing are not allowed anywhere, including on resort islands. Cecilia Jastrzembska was known from UK TV shows First Dates and Ninja Warrior. A video showing her being handcuffed in Maldives circulated in mass media.


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