Toyota is once again the world’s top selling automaker


The two automobile manufacturing companies have many sales and they battled for the title of world’s top selling carmaker for some time now. Toyota had a big growth last year and with its popular Camry model it managed to retake something it once lost: the auto sales “crown”.

Toyota was the top-selling carmaker from 2008 to 2011. In 2011 GM retook the Global auto sales crown from Toyota while the Japanese company was struggling with problems at its factories. The tsunami and earthquake in slowed down Toyota a lot and it took the company more than a year to fully recover.

But Toyota has a lot to fear too. Although its sales rose twenty two percent last year GM is also rising, at a slower pace though. GM was the top-selling car-maker for close to eight decades until it lost the title of world’s top selling auto-maker to Toyota back in 2008. This is why Toyota could lose its title easily if GM manages to have a more productive year than its competitor.



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