A Belgian man was arrested in Peru and accused of illegal trafficking rare birds

Hugo Conings, 54, a Belgian man, has been arrested at Lima Airport in Peru with 20 live birds into his suitcase. Among them were 2 toucanets as well as 16 tanagers.

The birds were in tiny cardboard boxes. All were safeguarded varieties, native to the Peruvian jungle. He was preparing to fly to Madrid, Spain, to sell them. He might confront 5 years in jail for prohibited wild animals trafficking. Some of the birds showed signs of dehydration and stress. The South American country is considered a birdwatchers' paradise, home to more than 1,800 species. Many birds are brightly colored and attractive for collectors.

The cases with birds

Illegal trafficking is considered one of the main causes of biodiversity loss. Illegal traffic of rare animals is linked to Internet too. Illicit trafficking is one of the biggest threats facing Peru’s wildlife resources. It became a focus of attention for Peru Customs. Article 68 of the Peruvian Constitution stipulates that the State is obligated to promote the conservation of biological diversity and protected natural areas, while Article 364 (f) of the ‘law on the regulation of forestry and wild fauna’ states that the hunting, capture, collection, possession, transportation, marketing or export of specimens of wild fauna without the corresponding authorization constitutes an infringement of the respective legislation.