A Boeing 737-800 Ukrainian plane crashed in Iran killing 180 people


A Ukrainian airplane, Boeing 737-800, flight PS752, carrying 180 people, including passengers and crew, flying to Kiev, crashed Wednesday morning shortly after takeoff near the airport in Tehran, between Parand and Shahriar.

It had taken off from the Imam Khomeini International Airport. It had mechanical issues. The plane stopped transmitting data two minutes into the flight. It was declared that all on board were killed. According to a video, the plane was in flammes descending. Flight-tracking service FlightRadar 24 said in a tweet that the jet had been in service for about three and a half years. Four helicopters and 22 ambulances were sent at the crash site. Emergency services said the fire at the crash site was so intense that they had to halt rescue efforts.

The crash came hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack targeting two bases in Iraq housing U.S. forces. An investigation team from the national aviation department was dispatched to the location. The 737-800 is the previous generation of the 737, before Boeing 737 Max which was grounded worldwide after two fatal crashes. “We are aware of the media reports of out Iran and we are gathering more information,” Boeing said in a statement.


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