A nuclear crisis was announced by Iran


Iran declared Sunday it will not respect any limits established in the 2015 nuclear deal on the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges, as a measure after its top military commander was killed by U.S. drone strike.

In a statement, it said it would no longer observe limitations on its capacity for enrichment, the level of enrichment, the stock of enriched material, or research and development. In 2015, in exchange for sanctions relief, Iran accepted limits on its nuclear program and allowed international inspectors into its facilities. Last May, Iran stopped complying with some commitments in the 2015 nuclear deal and Trump also re-introduced sanctions on Tehran.

Iran insisted in a state television broadcast it remained open to negotiations with European partners, who so far have been unable to offer Tehran a way to sell its crude oil abroad despite US sanctions. The leaders of France, Germany and Britain urged Iran to abide by the agreement. Iran has promised “harsh revenge” for the US attack, which shocked Iranians across all political lines.


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