Australia prepares for the New Year celebration with hope to see fireworks in Sydney Harbour

Australians want to celebrate with the world. The famous Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks will go ahead this year, despite concerns over bushfire risks.

The City of Sydney Council has confirmed in a press conference. However, Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons doesn’t share the City of Sydney’s certainty. Prime Minister Scott Morrison also wants to see fireworks go head on Sydney Harbour. “On New Year’s Eve, the world looks at Sydney. Every single year,” he told media. Severe fire ¬danger is predicted on New Year’s Eve, with temperatures forecast to soar to 35C ¬ in the city and 45C in the western suburbs. The event could be cancelled at the last minute if fire conditions were deemed “catastrophic” on New Year’s Eve.

Previous fireworks in Sydney

“Cancelling the event would seriously hurt Sydney businesses. It would also ruin plans for tens of thousands of people from across the country and overseas who would have booked flights, hotel and restaurants for New Year’s Eve,” a Sydney Council statement appreciated. At the same time, New Year’s Eve fireworks plan in Canberra was cancelled. Given the severe fire conditions and poor air quality in Canberra, Commissioner Whelan said she would have been unlikely to provide a waiver for the fireworks to proceed. Other planned activities, including live music performances, may also be cancelled.