Prostitues from Belo Horizonte are taking English classes


English classes are being organized by the association which is still looking for volunteer teachers that want to provide their services free of charge. Cida Vieira further explained that this initiative is a good thing for the women as it is very important for a prostitute to be able to communicate with her customer and tell him right from the start how much she is charging. Vieira also added that some of the prostitutes will try to find what turns their clients on in order to make them feel better.

English classes are planned for eight months starting with March this year. Vieira also plans of offering free Italian and French classes in the near future. Although one would think people don’t just work for nothing Vieira explains that they are determined to find foreign language teachers that will work for free. The Association of Prostitutes from Belo Horizonte already has several doctors and psychologists that offered their services free of charge.


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