Members of an American family killed in ambush attack by drug cartels in Mexico

Three women and six children including two 8-month-old babies in a faith-based Mormon community of U.S. citizens in Mexico are confirmed dead, being shot and burned,  killed on their way to a wedding in Mexico. by drug cartel gunmen.

Six more children were wounded in the attack. The group was traveling in a convoy of three SUVs. All the victims are believed to be members of the extended LeBaron family, who live in a religious community in La Mora, northern Mexico. The victims were all dual Mexican and U.S. citizens and were traveling back to the U.S. Early reports indicated the tragedy could have been a case of mistaken identity. However 10 years ago two members of the family opposed to local drug trafficking groups and were kidnapped and murdered.


Three people had been detained in the attack against this family. Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, the governor from Sonora, tweeted in Spanish her determination to find the killers. „As governor, I will do everything to make sure this does not go unpunished and those responsible pay," she said. In a series of tweets Tuesday morning, President Trump hit out at the "monsters" who perpetrated the act.

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