A boat stuck on rocks near Niagara Falls moved after more than a century


It’s the first time it’s moved any appreciable distance. In a video produced by Niagara Parks Commission on Friday, an official said appears to have “flipped on its side and spun around.”  It have shifted about 164 feet downriver from its initial resting place. The scow represents one of the most dramatic rescues in the Niagara River’s history.In 1918, a vessel known as a dumping scow became disconnected from its tug boat , with two men aboard , during a dredging operation. The men were finally rescued the next day.


The scow has remained tightly fixed to a rock outcropping since August 1918. The Niagara Parks staff now is continuing to monitor the activity of the scow, in the event it moves again. “What we think has happened now is it’s turned and twisted in the very heavy current flow of the river and is stuck where it is now and it could be stuck there for days or it could be stuck there for years,” Niagara Parks officials said.


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