Justin Trudeau remains Prime Minister in Canada


The Conservatives’ pledge to repeal the country’s carbon tax failed to resonate with voters. The Liberals are forecast to win 157 seats, down from 184 in the past election and just short of the 170 needed to win a parliamentary majority. In a major comeback, the Bloc Québécois is poised to regain official party status in the House of Commons. It has won 28 seats out of the 78 in Quebec. After winning power four years ago, Trudeau created a gender-balanced cabinet and legalised assisted dying and recreational marijuana. The economy has performed strongly. However, this year Trudeau’s approval ratings sunk to 28 per cent, significantly lower than US President Donald Trump’s.


Now, the Prime Minister ruled out forming a coalition government with either major party. His job will be different this time. The cabinet ministers who have held onto their seats are Dominic LeBlanc, Seamus O’Regan, Bernadette Jordan, Ginette Petitpas Taylor and Lawrence MacAulay. Geoff Regan, who was Speaker of the House of Commons most recently, and long-time Liberal Wayne Easter also retained their seats. Liberal campaign strategists said four members of Mr Trudeau’s Cabinet could lose their parliamentary seats, including Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.


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