Narendra Modi is now the most followed world leader on Instagram


President has 14.9 million followers. Modi is very active on social media and regularly puts out texts on everything , from his speeches at various platforms to the places he went and the people he met. PM Modi often shares photos from the events he participates in. Some of the most popular images he has shared on Instagram are from the informal meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Tamil Nadu’s Mamallapuram this week but also one of him playing with the eight-month-old granddaughter of BJP MP Satyanarayan Jatiya.

Narendra Modi on Instagram

A photo from PM Modi’s plogging- jogging and picking up trash-on a beach in Mamallapuram  got close to four million likes on Instagram. On micro-blogging site Twitter, PM Modi remains immensely popular as well, with close to 50,7 million followers, behind President Trump who has over 65,7 million followers. Last year, an international survey ranked PM Modi among the top three leaders of the world. The top ranking in the survey went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, followed by French President Emmanuel Macron.


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