Natural disasters struck Japan in the weekend


The U.S. Geological Survey registered a 5.3 magnitude earthquake centered off the coast of Tokyo. A tornado also ripped through Chiba, a town north of Tokyo, injuring at least five people. Typhoon Hagibis, the worst in six decades, killed at least ten in Chiba, Gunma, Kanagawa and Fukushima prefectures surrounding Tokyo and injured about 50. Some 16 people were reported missing. Events including Rugby World Cup matches and concerts were canceled along with flights and trains in the area. Japan Airlines and Nippon Airways grounded many of  domestic and international flights from the country’s main airports. Also closed was the Tokyo Disneyland.


The worst damage was caused by Chikuma river in central Japan’s Nagano prefecture.Warnings for areas north of the capital began to be lifted by Sunday morning. Many areas were still under water. Some 425,000 homes were without power. “The government will do everything in its power to cooperate with relevant agencies to restore services as soon as possible,” said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He also offered condolences to the families of those who died.


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