North Korea considers to continue nuclear tests


On Tuesday, the European members of the UN Security Council condemned North Korea’s recent ballistic missile and other weapons tests, including its first underwater-launched missile launch in three years on October 2. A US Air Force Global Strike Command statement said that such tests demonstrate the capability of the intercontinental ballistic missile system and are not a response to world events or regional tensions. North Korea said the talks collapsed because the US didn’t have any new proposals. They also accused the US of being behind the European condemnation of NK weapons tests.

First meeting, in Singapore

The council meeting was called by France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Council members Belgium and Poland joined in supporting the statement. “The fact that the UN Security Council unfairly puts the issue of our self-defence in the wrong hands… is prompting us to reconsider the crucial pre-emptive steps we have taken to build trust with the US,” a statement attributed to North Korea’s foreign ministry spokesman said.


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