Deadly accident in weekend at a rollercoaster in Mexico City


The accident happened on the Chimera ride at the Feria de Chapultepec amusement park  in the Mexico City. The carriage hit a metal structure that is also part of the Chimera ride. Eyewitnesses told local media that the victims fell to the ground from the last carriage from a height of 33 feet. At least another two, who hit their heads, were injured. Paramedics were treating some people for shock. The injured are being treated in hospital. Authorities are reportedly treating the case as negligent homicide. The popular park was closed soon after the incident.


The fair said it “deeply regrets the terrible accident” and that it was investigating alongside the relevant authorities. The investigation would be exploring both what happened and who was responsible. Initial findings indicate the last carriage came loose and fell due to a mechanical failure. The towering Quimera coaster in Chapultepec Park can be seen from afar in the capital, its three nearly vertical yellow and red loops visible from a major highway.


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