Russia plane crash death toll rises to five


The video clearly shows how parts of the airplane ended up on the highway and one of the wheels from the airplane’s landing gear even hit a car with a powerful force. The car hit by the airplane wheel fortunately managed to stay on the road and even passed through all the debris.

The cause of the crash is unknown as investigations are still underway. While the Russian Prime Minister asked for a special commission to be established for further investigations the cause of the crash is believed to be a faulty airplane brake system.

The plane, which was a Tupolev Tu-204, was capable of carrying over 200 people but it only carried eight crew members on board. The initial death toll was of four people. The other four wounded crew members were quickly rushed to the hospital. Today authorities announced that a flight attendant that was among the four people that got alive from the plane crash died in the hospital. The death toll from the Russian plane crash has thus risen to five. A financial aid from the Moscow government for the families of those killed was also announced. The families will receive 1 million rubles which is close to $33000.


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