Typhoon Faxai made victims and damage in Japan


The area’s electrical infrastructure was hit hard. Initially, about 900,000 were left without power in the Tokyo area because strong wind gusts toppled two large steel electrical towers. Many people had been urged to evacuate from vulnerable areas. Evacuation warnings were issued to more than 390,000 people in Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Tokyo prefectures. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of a possible record storm. The weather agency warned of mudslides and flooding after the heavy rain. The East Japan Railway Co. suspended train service around Tokyo early Monday. More than 160 flights were canceled.


The streets were flooded and many buildings damaged, including a rail station, before Faxai turned to the northeast and made its way back over the Pacific Ocean. There is still a risk of flooding, meteorologists warned. In Chiba City,winds gusted to over 200 kilometers per hour [124 mph]. A fire occurred at Japan’s largest floating solar power plant, which sits on the waters of the Yamakura Dam in Chiba prefecture. The storm came as the country prepares to host the Rugby World Cup, which is expected to draw more than 400,000 overseas visitors.


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