Big disaster in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian


“Nothing is left here. It’s chaos. It ain’t livable for nobody. Only animals can live here.” resident Gee Role, a Bahamian construction worker said. Dorian slammed the Bahamas for two days starting last Sunday with 185 mph winds. The death toll is now 43 but the number of dead is expected to continue rising. Some 70,000 people left homeless. The situation has devolved into a “humanitarian crisis,” the Bahamian financial services ministry said Friday in a statement. The smell of death is in the air.“There’s no food, no water. There are bodies in the water. People are going to start getting sick,” another resident described the situation.


People expect to evacuate the island but as of Friday the government had not organized any evacuations. United Nations, the British Royal Navy, American Airlines and Royal Caribbean and the U.S. Coast Guard  have mobilized to affected areas, bringing food, supplies and other aid. Hundreds of Bahamians headed to the port. More than 1,500 evacuees began arriving Saturday morning in Palm Beach, Florida. By Friday, the Coast Guard also had rescued more than 230 people off the islands. On Friday, Bahamas Air announced they had resumed service to Marsh Harbour in Abaco and Freeport in Grand Bahama, offering several relief flights between those areas and Nassau.


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