The U.S. and Russia play a new „game” with balistic missiles


President Putin also said that Moscow would not deploy them unless Washington made the first move. He added that he was not happy about potential U.S. plans to deploy ground-launched intermediate-range missile systems in South Korea and Japan.R ussian President Vladimir Putin said he offered to sell United States President Donald Trump hypersonic weapons during their last meeting in Japan.


“I told Donald the following: ‘If you want, we can sell you some and this way we will balance everything out. But truth be told, they are saying that they will soon produce it themselves.” Putin announced some progress in testing these weapons and confirmed reports that he was testing yet another hypersonic weapon: the 3M22 Tsirkon submarine-launched cruise missile. Earlier this year, Trump announced a plan to include space-based interceptors as part of a global shield that would “detect and destroy any missile launched against the United States anywhere, anytime.” China, which was not a party to the bilateral INF, has also criticized an expanding U.S. military infrastructure in the Pacific region.


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