A student pilot in Australia was forced to make an emergency landing in his first hour at controls


Mr. Max Sylvester was at the controls only an hour into his lesson on Saturday afternoon, after the pilot fell unconscious over his shoulder. He spent 62 minutes in air being guided through the landing process by an air controller who explained some basics about reducing the small plane’s speed before. Mr Sylvester’s wife and three young children were listening in on his terrifying first lesson. He landed the plane at Jandakot Airport, where emergency services were waiting.

Mr. Max Sylvester

The instructor, Robert Mollard ,from the Air Australia International flying school, was taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition. Mr Chuck McElwee, owner of Air Australia International, said it was the first time in his 28 years of running the flying school that an incident like this had happened and it could have gone bad. But the potential disaster was averted. Mr. Max Sylvester saved both his life and the life of his instructor. Mr McElwee praised the young pilot, the air traffic controller and remote instructor who “did an exceptional job” to get everyone safely on the ground.


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