Nine persons killed in the crash of a small medical plane in Philippines, Sunday


Aside from the pilot and co-pilot, among the dead were the patient being transported, the patient’s wife, a doctor, and nurses. Two others in the resort area were injured. At least three structures were also hit by the aircraft. The plane left Dipolog City at about 1:40 p.m. and was bound for Manila.It lost radar contact at around 3:10 p.m. while flying 25 nautical miles from Manila. At 3:14 p.m., the Philippine Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center received an Emergency Locator Transmitter alert from the satellite-aided search and rescue initiative Corpas-Sarsat near Pansol, Laguna.


The plane crashed and exploded. The crash also caused a fire at the site, that razed a number of residential houses and Agojo Resort. It was declared under control as of 4:45 pm. CAAP Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board investigators have been dispatched at the crash site to determine the cause of the accident. A witness told police that the plane was flying toward Mt. Makiling when smoke was suddenly seen covering the plane.


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