A Tesla Model S exploded after a crash in Moscow


Russia’s RIA state news agency website posted a video showing the car crashing into a tow truck parked by a safety fence that separates the carriageway from oncoming traffic. It’s believed the vehicle was on autopilot at the time of the accident. Russian businessman Alexey Tretyakov, 41-year-old, who  was driving his Model S last night and his two children were severely injured and transported to the hospital. They escaped from the vehicle before it was destroyed by the fire. The father have suffered a concussion and a leg fracture, while the children suffered cervical spine and chest injuries.Their lives are not in harm’s way.


There were previous accidents involving Tesla vehicles on autopilot. Tesla asks that drivers always keep their hands on the steering wheel when using autopilot and that they stay ready to take control at any time. It is a driver-assist system and not a driver replacement.The automaker insists that its vehicles are much less likely to catch on fire than gas-powered vehicles.


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