A new blackout in Venezuela, Tuesday


About 94% of Venezuela’s telecommunications infrastructure was hit by the outage, and internet connectivity was only running at 10% nationwide. Tre recovery became slowly, first in Caracas. The states of Mérida, Trujillo, Barinas and Aragua had seen a partial return of power, while the recovery was still in early stages elsewhere in the country. The government suspended all work and educational activities on Tuesday. The exact cause of the outage was unclear.


A statement said the authorities are trying to address drinking water access, transport systems, and needs at health centers. Blackouts have become a daily occurrence across Venezuela but one of this magnitude is rare. The March blackouts stopped mass transit in Caracas, shuttered businesses and gas stations, and disrupted operations at hospitals. Millions were left without water access for days. Some rural areas in the Venezuelan countryside never fully recovered. Maduro blamed the blackout on hostile attacks, accusing the United States of sabotaging power plants and the electricity grid. The US denies.


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