An aerial performer fell from trapeze at Circus Rio, in Australia


The woman was performing on an aerial hoop. Witnesses say the accident happened 45 minutes into the show. Audience members were unsure if the incident was part of the show before panic set in. Paramedics rushed to the scene. People were asked to leave. The woman was treated at the scene , breaking both hands on impact, and was taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital in stable condition. An SA Ambulance spokeswoman told the performer was urgently transferred Royal Adelaide Hospital with “multiple and very serious injuries.” Ms Souza was expected to undergo surgery. After all, Ms Souza was in good spirits. “We are pleased to share that our aerial performer Gabby Souza is okay and on the road to recovery,” a Circus Rio Facebook post said.

Circus RIO

Police are not investigating. There’s no word yet on whether two shows scheduled for noon and 7pm on Wednesday will go ahead as planned. Rio Circus at Wigley Reserve features samba dancing, aeroskills and a 23m freestyle motocross bike jump, performing from Brazil, France, Russia and beyond.


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