A little girl has died after she fell from a cruise vessel window


A man was holding his granddaughter up to an open window on the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship, the world’s 15th largest passenger boat,  as it was docked Sunday in San Juan, when he lost his grip. The girl fell the equivalent of 11 storeys from a port-side window and hit an awning before landing on pavement at the dock. “It’s a very grave scene, very regrettable and tragic,” Elmer Roman of the Puerto Rican Department of Public Security said.

The Freedom of the Seas

Police have launched an investigation and are trawling CCTV of the ship as well as interviewing passengers. The boat holds around 4,000 passengers and was ending a seven-day Southern Caribbean cruise of Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados at the time of the tragedy. The little girl, who was with her maternal and paternal grandparents and her immediate family on the ship owned by Florida-based Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Ship passengers described how they heard the girl’s mother “cry in pain” as the child fell to its death. The girl’s family were being provided with medical and spiritual support following horrific tragedy.


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