The American President will possibly meet the North Korean leader


“While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello (?)!” the president tweeted. If this will happen, it would be the first time a U.S. and North Korean leader have met in the DMZ, which despite its name is the most heavily fortified border in the world. Previously, the failure of the meeting in Hanoi was linked to Kim’s insistence that all nuclear sanctions be lifted in exchange for only some concessions sought by the U.S. from Pyongyang related to its nuclear program. Trump and Kim have continued to exchange correspondence.

A previous meeting

South Koreas president said publicly that U.S. and North Korean officials were holding “behind-the-scenes talks” to arrange a third summit between their leaders. The president characterized the invite as a last-minute idea. “I just thought of it this morning,” Trump told reporters. “If he’s there we’ll see each other for two minutes. That’s all we can. But that will be fine ,” he added. Trump is due to arrive in Seoul, South Korea, on Saturday evening, and is scheduled for talks with the South Korean President on Sunday before returning to Washington. “We see it as a very interesting suggestion, but we have not received an official proposal in this regard,” the North Korean minister of foreign affairs, Choe Son Hui, said.


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